Short information in English is a national Video Relay Service that also offers limited Video Remote Interpreting. The service is for persons in Sweden with deafblindness, deafness, hearing loss or speech impairment and uses Swedish sign language in their communication. The service is also for Swedish-speaking persons that do not know sign language and are in contact with persons using Swedish sign language. Translation to or from English is not available. The service is free of charge.
All calls are handled by sign language interpreters that use sign language and speech so that the persons communicating can have a dialogue.

If you want to have a conversation in spoken Swedish or Swedish sign language through a sign language interpreter, please call one of the numbers / addresses you see below.


Voice telephone: 020-28 00 20
Voice telephone from outside Sweden: +46 771 28 00 20

Customer service

SIP-videophone: (Swedish sign language)
Voice telephone: 020 – 22 04 00
Voice telephone from outside Sweden: +46 77 1 22 04 00


The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) has procured the service. PTS also monitors so that the service are operated according to the requirements. The service is presently operated by Evantia Group.